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VitroScan BV is a Dutch biotech company offering tumor testing services to support better informed treatment decisions for cancer patients in the clinic. We enable to personalized treatment approaches, aim to increase treatment success and reduce the burden of ineffective treatment for patients.


Automated & high throughput platform VitroScans' best-in-class technology offers fast and accurate tumor testing for all drug classes and combinations of drugs for solid tumors.  VitroScan combines extensive expertise in 3D tumor testing, advanced imaging, and AI based analysis of drug responses.

Drug Response Database

drug sensitivity ovarian cancer PARPiVitroScan applies a systematic approach to test drugs targeting the relevant cancer pathways. Data acquired in trials for multiple solid tumors from patients are the basis to correlate drug sensitivity, and genetic analysis with clinical outcome.  

The Drug Response Database offers opportunities to benchmark drug responses for novel drugs against standard of care treatment, correlate drug response between multiple tumor types, and identify predictive biomarkers. 

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