VitroScan Team

Willemijn Vader – CEO

An experienced entrepreneur dedicated to delivering novel solutions to the market that benefit patients and bring (economical) value to the health care system. Willemijn has over 15 years in experience in the oncology field. She completed her PhD in immunology at the LUMC and worked 13 years for Sanofi. She is a talented networker with a proven record in commercial effectiveness.

Since 2016 Willemijn has been leading VitroScan. She has generated fast engagement of medical professionals to collaborate in VitroScans’ development. She has successfully closed a round of investment, delivered proof of concept, created financing opportunities by formation of grant consortia (Eurostars, Health Holland), and is responsible for establishing the team to effectively manage growth of VitroScan. Willemijn is intrinsically motivated to make a success of innovations that improve the treatment, and quality of life of patients.

Donny van der Meer – Senior Scientist Bioinformatics

Donny is leading VitroScan’s bioinformatics and data science team. His entrepreneurial background is instrumental to the development of our solutions towards customers for predictive tumor testing. Donny leverages the full potential of the image based analysis platform to translate our data into clinically meaningful results. From his previous role as software developer at the Sanger Institute he has mastered the full process of scientific software development ranging from UX design in interactive tools and plots, to machine learning, to DevOps for high quality software. His skills to clearly explain complex data solutions to internal and external stakeholders support efficient development and validation of our tumor testing services. Donny is passionate about using his computational skills to improve the lives of cancer patients.

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