The 10th Life Science Symposium

19 May 2022

Sailing away from one-size-fits-all: Technological Developments in Personalised Medicine; During the 10th Life Science Symposium we will take a deep dive into this theme. Top-of-the-field international academics and researchers will show how personalised medicine can be very valuable in future healthcare, opening doors for improving and broadening the treatment of diseases by using a tailored approach.

Among the speakers is Willemijn Vader, CEO of VitroScan. She will discuss the predictive tumor testing solutions that are developed in VitroScan as an example to leverage state of the art science and technology for application in the clinical setting. In this journey strong collaborations with clinical experts from cancer clinics, interactions with stakeholders in the health care system and a strong team are crucial to deliver valuable predictive tools for cancer patients.

The 10th Life Science Symposium will take place at Corpus Congress Centre in Leiden on the 19th of May 2022. The symposium will start at 09:00 and lasts all day. (link to program)

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