Predictive Testing Solutions

The proven Predictive Ex Vivo 3D Micro Tumor Testing Platform is developed for accurate and reliable drug sensitivity testing. The preserved tumor microenvironment (TME) enables evaluation of patients sensitivity to chemotherapy, small molecules, antibodies, ADC’s, immunotherapies.

VitroScan offers rapid testing of patients tumor tissues with a 2 weeks turnaround time. Image based analysis provides high quality results and biologically relevant measures. Ongoing clinical trials facilitate highly valuable translational research for successful clinical development.

Service Packages

VitroScan runs efficient and clinically relevant projects to expose the unique strength of novel drugs and stage successful clinical validation. Outperform the competition by accelerated clinical development. 

Predictive Biomarker Development Pipeline

  • Annotated patient tissue and data repository 400+ patients
  • Tissue selection based on clinical stage and response to treatment
  • Gene expression levels &  target protein expression profiling


Immunotherapy Sensitivity Identifier

  • Immunotherapy efficacy assessment
  • Synergy tracking
  • Cytokine profiling


Clinical Trial Accelerator – Winning drugs target sensitive patients

  • Tune the selection of patients based on:
    • platinum sensitivity
    • Immunotherapy sensitivity
    • Treatment resistant patients
  • Sneak preview the clinical efficacy in parallel to phase I clinical trial
  • Tag along with trials executed by renown oncology expert centres – ovarian cancer, NSCLC, urogenital cancer

VitroScan predictive testing solutions

  • Closer to the clinic
  • High quality standards
  • Clinically proven predictive testing for cancer patients
  • Qualified scientists in cancer cell biology & bioinformatics

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