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VitroScan Technology

The Predictive Tumor Testing Platform enables robust and accurate drug response analysis using ex vivo 3D tumor tissue derived from cancer patients. The VitroScan predictive tumor testing platform offers fast and accurate tumor testing for all drug classes and combinations of drugs for solid tumors. The proprietary technology combines 3D tumor testing in the original tumor microenvironment, image based analysis to provide reliable results based on multiple morphological features of the tumor tissue, and an automated AI based software pipeline to quantify the patients sensitivity to treatment.

Ex vivo 3D tumor testing platform

Schematic overview of VitroScan's predictive tumor testing platform - powered by

VitroScans proprietary technology provides highly reproducible ex vivo testing of multiple drugs and combinations of drugs in the native tumor microenvironment (TME).

  • Ex vivo 3D tumor testing - Validated drug testing technology proven in successful drug discovery projects with biotech and pharma
  • Image based analysis - Automated, accurate and fast high content image analysis workflow providing multi-parametric read out
  • Advanced Bioinformatics – proprietary AI algorithms to quantify and classify the patient’s sensitivity to standard of care and novel treatments

The image based analysis approach enables quantification of drug responses based on biologically relevant features.

VitroScan has a systematic approach to validate the platform, according to the regulatory standards, to provide evidence-based support for better informed treatment decisions in the clinic (read more).  

In addition, VitroScan offers predictive tumor testing to improve patient stratification for clinical trials in collaboration with pharmaceutical and biotech companies (read more).

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